What is a designation?

After our members have completed an academic qualification with one of our academic partners, Institute of Banking or DCU they may be eligible to take-up an industry recognized professional designation offered by the ACOI.

By accepting the invitation to take up one of these designations the holder embraces an ethos of life-long learning by keeping abreast of developments in the dynamic field of regulatory compliance and ethics. It is a statement that they have attained a level of technical competence.

Once you keep up to date by undertaking your CPD, your technical competence to do the job will be a given. Competence is one of the cornerstones of any profession.

The table below outlines what designations the ACOI offer its members, the programmes that are an entry route to such designations and what the designation letters mean.

Designation Letter Designation Title Associated Programme
LCOI Licentiate of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland  Professional Diploma in Compliance
CDPO Certified Data Protection Officer  Professional Certificate in Data  Protection
CFCPP Certified Financial Crime Prevention Practitioner  Professional Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention
FCOI  Fellow of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland

 MSc in Compliance

 MA in Ethics Corporate Responsibility

How should I use qualifying letters in my professional title?

Generally, the sequence is as follows;

First Second Third
Academic Qualifications Professional Membership Category  Professional Designations
From the highest to the lowest Just one category applies Designations are first ordered by the level of designation (from highest to lowest)


Final rule: Use spaces and not commas to separate your qualifying letters.