In addition to ACOI’s accredited Education Programme, we place a high emphasis on the ongoing Professional Development of members. This permits ACOI member to acquire and update a broad range of skills and knowledge for their own personal competency development and their career advancement.

ACOI provides professional development opportunities to its members via

  • Accredited CPD events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Annual Conference
  • Irish Compliance Quarterly
  • Annual CPD Update

CPD Scheme

ACOI has a formal Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme for those members who have passed its exams and opted to become LCOI’s.

The purpose of formal CPD is to ensure that members keep their qualification(s) current and that those who qualified in the past are as knowledgeable as those qualifying today.


To Members

There can be no doubt that the principal beneficiary of CPD participation is our members. Participation should ultimately help members in their career, both personally and professionally. CPD helps to:

  • update skills and knowledge on existing and new areas of regulation, law and business practice
  • build employer trust and confidence
  • expand and hone technical and professional skills
  • develop the softer and more subtle non-technical skills required to undertake the role of Compliance Officer
  • build self-confidence and conviction
  • enable members to remain competitive in the employment market
  • raise members’ personal profile through networking and make them more attractive to their existing and/or future employers
  • broaden members’ views and perspectives

To Member’s Employers

Members’ employers benefit from their participation in CPD. Those who complete CPD are likely to be more competent, efficient and productive, which obviously gives employers a competitive edge. It also demonstrates to Regulators that their Compliance Officers are fit and proper persons to undertake their roles.

To Member’s Clients

Participation by members in the CPD scheme also benefits their employers’ clients. Clients will be reassured that the services or products they purchase are overseen by a qualified, well-informed professional who keeps their knowledge and skills current.

The LCOI Designation

The fact that all LCOIs participate in a common mandatory CPD scheme gives added value and credibility to the LCOI designation. This has a positive effect on client and employer confidence, which in turn has a positive effect on members and our profession.

The Financial Services Industry

The LCOI designation which is supported by a mandatory CPD scheme is a recognised stamp of quality for those who hold it.