As a professional membership association, ACOI is doing its part to meet the new regulatory challenges in Irish Financial Services. We are the only body to provide a full range of qualifications which are essential for professionals committed to meeting these new regulatory challenges.

As a member, you will benefit from the following:

• Access to a range of university accredited qualifications that relate directly to your career.
• A comprehensive programme of accredited continual professional development (CPD).
• Access to a range of events which are designed to act as a lead indicator to future regulatory initiatives.
• Access to a growing repository of knowledge tools and resources at
• Electronic dissemination of key regulatory updates with informed commentary from highly experienced senior industry professionals.
• Formal and informal opportunities to network with other professionals, compliance service providers, recruiters and the various regulators.
• The opportunity to contribute to the collective compliance agenda by joining one of the various working groups or committees.
• The support of senior industry professionals, on the ACOI Board who, promote the profession of the compliance officer with regulators, firms and other stakeholders, as well as the value of your professional qualifications to employers.

The ACOI is constantly reviewing its services to ensure that it provides maximum value to its members and other stakeholders, and welcome your feedback in this regard.