The ACOI and its education partner, Chartered Accountants Ireland collaborated to develop the Diploma in Risk Management, Internal Audit & Compliance for its members.

Who is this programme for?

The programme is aimed at those who work or aspire to work in a professional capacity in risk or internal audit or compliance roles. The course will equip you with an understanding of how to build, effectively communicate and influence on risk management, internal audit, governance and regulatory compliance operations. 

Risk overarches everything in a business and once the core ideas are understood at all levels of responsibility, good risk management can be applied to any type of risk in any sector, from health to pharma to financial services. Risk management theory does not change, it’s about knowing the risk you are taking and making good decisions. It has implications for strategic and business planning, audit and assurance arrangements and the management and control of activities.

About the Programme

This 6 module programme can be completed over 6 months.

Course Outline:

Module # Module Title Objective
1 Risk Management Risk Management Design of a robust risk management function
2 Risk Management & Leadership Skills The ‘Three Lines of Defence’ (3LOD); Effective Communication
3 Internal Audit Building an effective Internal Audit function; Influencing and Persuading
4 & 5 Internal Audit & Leadership Skills How Internal Audit can add value; Presenting Persuasively
5 Regulatory Compliance The regulatory function, compliance and responsibilities
6 Governance & Culture Effective corporate governance, culture and ethics

Delivery format

The course is available by classroom and distance learning. Classes take place in Chartered Accountants House, 47-49 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Entry requirements

Chartered Accountants Ireland is one of a small number of professional bodies with statutory awarding powers under Irish and UK law conferring the power to make awards including Diplomas and Certificates. The Chartered Accountant qualification (ACA) is aligned against the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) at a level 9. Our specialist qualifications are designed to meet a special professional purpose and build upon this knowledge in their specific fields. Awards are made depending on the programme and the participant background by either Chartered Accountants Ireland or our Executive Education subsidiary.

The programme is open to Members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, ACOI and other recognised professional bodies including ICAS, ACCA, CIMA, CPA, ICAEW. Holders of a degree at Level 8 (on the NFQ) or equivalent qualification or experience in finance, business or other relevant field may also apply. Applicants other than Members of Chartered Accountants Ireland and ACOI must provide proof of their membership of another professional body or details showing how their experience or qualifications are relevant.

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