Our Mission

Central to ACOI’s mission is equipping Compliance Officers and those who deal with compliance and regulation in financial services with the necessary competence and skills to undertake their roles in a professional manner.

  • We provide our members with accredited graduate and post graduate education in the various fields of compliance and business ethics. To maintain and update our members’ skill levels, we provide ongoing professional development.
  • We provide a forum for networking for our members. We keep members abreast of relevant industry developments and seek to provide ongoing useful assistance to them in their careers.
  • We consult with regulators on behalf of members where we think our association has constructive input to contribute.
  • We promote high ethical standards among all persons engaged in regulatory compliance.

Our Values

We aspire to put the education and professional development of our members first.

Our aim is to equip members with the necessary skills to be:

  • diligent in understanding and keeping up to date with key areas of financial services law and regulation;
  • constructive in their engagement with employers or clients, proactively assisting them in the implementation of processes and procedures to facilitate compliance with relevant laws and regulations;
  • proactive in their assessment of key compliance risks;
  • independent in their testing and monitoring of compliance standards and
  • fair, honest and transparent in all their dealings, particularly in their reporting to stakeholers on standards of compliance with laws, regulations and codes of behaviour within financial services firms.

A PDF version of the ACOI Strategic Plan 2018 can be found here