AAEC (Argentina’s Association of Ethics and Compliance) invites all IFCA delegates and members to participate in an online webinar organised by its Corporate Fraud Management commission (directed by Fernando Peyretti).

This free online event will take place May 17, 2021 at 9pm.

In this session, AAEC will speak to Jonathan Drimmer, Partner at Paul Hastings LLP, who will discuss:

Violations of Human Rights - should Compliance Officers investigate them?

During the regular course of business, many companies make decisions which might have an impact on human rights.

  • What are the most common situations in which human rights violations may occur?
  • Should these be treated within the company’s Compliance Programme?
  • What is the potential impact that companies and their Compliance Officers could face in cases of violations of Human Rights?


AAEC looks forward to your participation:

📆 Monday May 17th | 9pm | Mode: Online session | Language: English

👉🏼 Register at: https://share.hsforms.com/1DU034fsUTY2mfA8eRscwjQ3lr0j