All education programmes ACOI members take with the exception of the MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility) awarded by DCU and Diploma in Risk Management, Internal Audit & Compliance awarded by Chartered Accountants Ireland are awarded by University College Dublin (UCD), through the Institute of Banking, a recognised college of UCD.

All programmes except for the Diploma in Risk Management, Internal Audit & Compliance are included in the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) which is maintained by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).

Programme Design – Relevance and Rigour

The programmes seek to balance practical skills and awareness of regulatory requirements with a solid understanding of the conceptual foundations of the compliance discipline. Completion of programmes provides a foundation for lifelong learning, and in addition to the Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Professional Education events offered, members are equipped to stay abreast of the dynamic field compliance practitioners encounter daily.

Membership and Designations

To Affiliate Memberships
Designation: n/a

Demonstrated an interest in and specialist knowledge of financial services regulatory matters but have not undertaken any of the ACOI education programmes

Ordinary Member
Depending on your previous status of membership

Celebrating Success

Every year the Association hosts a graduation ceremony in December to recognise the achievements of its members that successfully attained qualifications in the previous year. This ritual and tradition is an important event as it expresses the values of the Association, putting the education and professional development of its members first. This celebration is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made, the knowledge acquired, friends made and to look forward to applying the knowledge and skills acquired to advance your own professional practice.