ACOI Education Programmes

There is growing demand for competent compliance professionals in the Irish financial services sector. The Central Bank of Ireland requires financial institutions to ensure that their staff have the requisite skills and competence to perform their roles in a professional and effective manner.

You must be a current member of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland, or become a member, to register for all programmes listed.


Programme Design – Relevance and Rigour

The programmes seek to balance practical skills and awareness of regulatory requirements with a solid understanding of the conceptual foundations of the compliance discipline. Completion of programmes provides a foundation for lifelong learning, and in addition to the Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Professional Education events offered, members are equipped to stay abreast of the dynamic field compliance practitioners encounter daily.

Membership and Designations

Affiliate Member

- All new members, those interested in regulatory matters, those currently undergoing one of our educational courses or have successfully gained the Certificate in Compliance

Ordinary Member
Members who have successfully completed one of the following educational courses but have not yet taken up their designation. Professional Diploma in Compliance; Professional Certificate in Data Protection; Professional Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention; MSc in Compliance; MA in Ethics
Designate Member
Any member who has successfully completed one our educational courses and who have formally taken up one of the following professional designations:
- LCOI  -  Professional Diploma in Compliance
- CDPO - Professional Certificate in Data Protection
- CFCPP - Professional Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention
- The ACOI designation requires members to maintain their annual ACOI membership and also meet ongoing continuing professional  development (CPD) requirements.
Designate Member (FCOI)

Designation: FCOI

The FCOI is awarded to those who have successfully completed the MSc in Compliance or the MA in Ethics (Corporate Responsibility) (both – Level 9 qualifications on the National Framework of Qualifications) and have formally applied to take up the relevant designation.

This designation requires members to maintain their annual ACOI membership and also meet ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) requirements

Suspended or Expired Designates
Designate members who have breached the conditions of maintaining their designation and have now been “suspended” or “expired” must follow the reinstatement process in order to retain the use of the relevant designation.

Celebrating Success

Every year the Association hosts a graduation ceremony in December for all those who have successfully completed ACOI qualifications during the year and are eligible to take up their professional designation. This ritual and tradition is an important event as it expresses the values of the Association, putting the education and professional development of its members first. This celebration is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made, the knowledge acquired, friends made and to look forward to applying the knowledge and skills acquired to advance your own professional practice.