Ethics Committee 

The Ethics Committee’s primary role is to

  • Support and assistance to ACOI members and members of the wider business community in discharging their responsibilities with recognition and understanding of the ethical dimension of their role and function, and the context within which they operate;
  • The provision of education, training and development support in the area of business ethics and the practical aspects of ethics in business;
  • The examination of ethical dilemmas, challenges, or practical situations that may give rise to ethical issues and the development and provision of generic guidance;
  • Consultation and collaboration with other professional bodies and business in general in the area of business ethics and sharing of experience and ethics guidance for the benefit of the ACOI

The Committee strongly supports the MA in Ethics at DCU/Mater Dei.

While direct specific advice cannot be provided in relation to actual live ethical issues the Committee publishes reference material and provides a forum for discussion and debate to support the members.

The committee’s terms of reference are set out here:

Ethics Committee Terms Of Reference  DOWNLOAD