IFCA International Compliance Congress

IFCA International Annual Congress (ICC)

The IFCA conference will take place from 16th – 20th November.

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Day 1 - 16th November: Leadership - Transforming Compliance

Live session 1-1: Guest Speaker

Visionary Leadership: Transforming Compliance


Live session 2-1: Panel discussion

Building a high functioning and effective compliance program 


Live session 3-1: Panel discussion

Key Considerations for Compliance Programs in Multinational Corporations


Day 2 - 17th November: Chief Compliance Officer - The role

Live session 2-1: Panel discussion

Comparative legislation on the role of the Compliance Officer in the international arena


Live session 2-2: Interviews

The role of the CCO in the ISO standards


Live session 2-3: Panel discussion

What characteristics & attributes should a Compliance Officer have?


Day 3 - 18th November: Technology developments and the impact on compliance

Live session 3-1: Speaker & Panel

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the transformation of compliance


Live session 3-2: Panel discussion

Suptech, Regtech, Fintech and its impact on regulation and compliance as we know it


Live session 3-3: Guest Speaker

Robotic laws – Robots have rights too


Live session 3-4: Speaker & Panel

Challenges in the evolution of compliance: Innovation in compliance or Compliance innovation?


Day 4 - 19th November: Sustainability – The long-term business view

Live session 4-1: Panel discussion

The unique benefits of a quality compliance function and framework in an organisation


Live session 4-2: Panel discussion

Conduct is the word: Why regulatory discussions are moving away from ‘compliance’ and toward ‘conduct risk’ and what it means for compliance practice


Live session 4-3: Guest Speaker

Long term sustainable businesses: Why compliance is the strategic differentiator


Live session 4-4: Case Study

The disconnect between Governance & Compliance


Day 5 - 20th November: Key Compliance Areas in 2030

Live session 5-1: Panel discussion

Influence of business ethics on the anticorruption environment


Live session 5-2: Panel discussion

The role of sanctions and anti-sanctions in global trade processes


Live session 5-3: Panel discussion

Transformation of the competitive environment in the context of e-commerce development


Closing Plenary: Guest Speaker

2030 Predictions (Futurist)


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11/16/2020 8:00 AM - 11/20/2020 11:00 AM
GMT Standard Time

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