Fintech Risk & Compliance – ‘Outsourcing Risks’

This webinar is be the second in a series that will explore the traditional compliance function in the technologically driven Fintech environment.

In this webinar we will examine the increasingly regulatory focus upon the evolving risks associated with the outsourcing of critical services by financial services providers.

Our speakers will address the question of how can the compliance function monitor the extent and structure of outsourcing of critical services by financial institutions, and assess the appropriateness of tools in place to mitigate concentration, operational, and systemic risks.

The webinar will provide a range of perspectives from financial service providers, Fintech vendors, and compliance professionals on the following inter-related themes:

  • Reviewing the specific regulatory obligations, and the areas of increasing EBA and Central Bank focus, with regard to the risks associated with Fintech’s outsourcing critical services.
  • Focusing upon a critical sub-set of the regulatory obligations regarding outsourcing arrangements, reviewing guidance on pre-outsourcing analysis and risk assessment.
  • Evaluating contemporary best practice in designing robust vendor evaluations in the context of the applicable regulatory requirements, standards in multiple provider Fintech outsourcing scenarios.
  • Establishing specific oversight expectations for these providers in terms of risk identification and management, information security management, reliability and resilience, effective technology planning, and communications with users.
  • Formulating best practice systematic risk management procedures in the context of potential concentration risk regarding the deep connectiveness of a handful of critical service providers


Title: Fintech Risk & Compliance – ‘Outsourcing Risks’
Date: Tuesday, 8th December, 2020
Speaker: Andrew Quinn, Head of Fintech & Financial Services, Professional Accountancy Training
Rachel Woolley, Global Director of Financial Crime, Fenergo
Ciara O'Grady-Inoma, Director, Regulatory & Conduct Risk Advisory, Deloitte
Adrian Whelan, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Intelligence, Brown Brothers Harriman
Venue: Webinar
Time: 13:00 – 14:00
CPD: 1 Hour LCOI and FCOI (Compliance)
Fee: €25 members, €35 non-members



Andrew Quinn, Head of Fintech & Financial Services, Professional Accountancy Training
As head of PAT Fintech, Andrew actively collaborates with the diverse Fintech ecosystem - whether they be ‘new’ Fintech companies and/or an ‘incumbent/traditional’ Financial Institutions that are providing technologically enabled financial services/products – develop a range of training courses that are designed, and delivered, in conjunction with industry bodies, professional bodies, and experienced financial service professionals.
The courses – including the recently announced Professional Certificate & Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance - specifically address both the contemporary and the evolving challenges facing employers and employees at the interface of providing traditional financial services in an increasingly Fintech, RegTech and Techfin defined environment.

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12/8/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
GMT Standard Time

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