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       Display event - Are you Fit for Fintech? / AGM
       Display event - The Impact of Culture on Performance; Insights for Credit Unions
       Display event - Building Compliance Education Strategies: An Evolution and Revolution
       Display event - A Practicioners Guide to Compliance Education
       Display event - Advanced GDPR for DPOs
       Display event - Building Blocks for Effective Compliance Series - Regulatory Compliance (1/6)
       Display event - ACOI Regional GDPR Event (Cork)
       Display event - The Future of Financial Services using Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technologies and RegTech
       Display event - AML Upstream Compliance Briefing
       Display event - ACOI introduction to IQA
       Display event - Test Event
       Display event - Building Blocks for Effective Compliance Series - Role of the Compliance Officer (2/6)
       Display event - Building Blocks for Effective Compliance Series - compliance Plan and Compliance Monotoring (3/6)
       Display event - Education and Careers Evening 2018Education and Careers Evening 2018
       Display event - Membership Committee Meeting June 19th
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