Last Friday 19th October, ACOI President Clive Kelly and IoB CEO Mary O’Dea, launched two new educational programmes on culture and ethics, commencing in February 2019.

Some 10 years or so on from the financial crisis as we reflect on some of the commentary at the time, it’s clear to see that the reference to the crisis as a crisis of ethic proportions was largely accurate.

Culture and ethics are often likened to the DNA of an organisation. They shape judgments and behaviours displayed at those key moments, big or small, that matter to the performance and reputation of firms and how it treats its customers and arguably all its stakeholders.

It can also be argued that culture, both effective and ineffective, is and can be contagious. In my experience people in firms typically don’t consult ‘the law’ for guidance on a day-to-day basis. They take their cues from their peers, colleagues and leaders… More often than not, it’s an organisation’s culture — the shared norms conveyed through conduct — that provides instruction.

The ACOI and IOB strongly believe in the potential of these programmes and the broader role of education in helping to raise professional standards.

Those who attended the launch were also addressed by Derville Rowland, Director General of Financial Conduct at the Central Bank of Ireland, who made reference to the importance of leadership in effecting real, consumer-centric cultural change in financial services organisations.

The Professional Certificate in Consumer Protection Risk, Culture and Ethical Behaviour in Financial Services (Level 7) is aimed at all staff working in financial services and has strong emphasis on Ethics, Conduct Risk, and Consumer Protection Risk Assessment. For further information on the programme and to express an interest CLICK HERE.

The Professional Diploma in Leading Cultural Change and Ethical Behaviours in Financial Services (Level 9) is suited to senior managers and focuses on leadership behaviours and embedding consumer-focused behaviours and conduct standards. For further information on the programme and to register CLICK HERE.