Tom O’ Connor, Head of Compliance (PCF 15), HedgeServ Limited, Member of the ACOI Data Protection & Technology Working Group

Being a member of an ACOI Working Group offers an exciting and wide spectrum of benefits. The Working Groups are composed mainly of leaders in their technical Compliance discipline from a board range of sectors, both financial and non-financial, along with members of mixed experience to give a representative array of all perspectives regarding members’ needs. The Working Groups provide a platform not only to grow your network as a Compliance professional, but a valuable forum for learning from peers in other sectors and sharing ideas on Compliance practices, particularly common challenges and innovative approaches to achieving compliant outcomes in your own organization.

For me the opportunity to support the development of the ACOI, both as an organisation and as a community of Compliance professionals, is its own reward.  It is both gratifying and energising to play a role in enhancing standards of Compliance in Ireland by sharing knowledge and experience on Compliance technical matters, strategies and methods through contributing to ACOI events, publications and communications.

Another dividend from the additional time and work commitment, is being at the cutting edge of regulatory discussions and engagement, as well as thought leadership on emerging regulatory risks and policy developments.  Being part of a Working Group offers broad scope to contribute to the ACOI and has been really beneficial to me as a Compliance professional- I would encourage anyone to grab such an opportunity with both hands.  

The ACOI has Working Groups covering all broad range of disciplines that are open to all members to apply.  Join today to make your contribution.


Tom O’ Connor 

Head of Compliance (PCF 15), HedgeServ Limited

Member of the ACOI Data Protection & Technology Working Group

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