The Central Bank released an addendum (the “Addendum”) to the Consumer Protection Code 2012 (the “CPC”) in August 2017 to bring certain provisions in line with the requirements under the Markets in Financial instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (“MiFID II”). The Addendum makes direct reference to a number of pieces of Irish and European legislation and, as a result, the effect of each provision can be quite unclear.

In order to provide greater clarity to the Addendum, Matheson in conjunction with ACOI have prepared a “consolidated” version, which is set out below. We have provided the full text of the Addendum which has been interspersed with the text of the legislative provisions referred to, where appropriate.

Elaine Staveley and Joe Beashel of Matheson answered some prominent questions and gave some tips for brokers. This webcast is available below.