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LCOI Testimonials


We are delighted to offer members insight into two of our LCOI members careers in compliance.

Áine Kingston 

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Áine Kingston is an Assistant Manager in PwC’s Financial Services Regulatory Advisory Services team. Áine provides an overview of her role and what the LCOI designation means to her.
Why did you pick compliance as a career?
With an academic background in law, I began my career in investment fund services starting out in the corporate secretarial compliance field with a leading global financial institution, working within their fund administration arm in Ireland. Through working closely with boards of directors providing advice on corporate governance and company law requirements and liaising with various regulatory authorities to ensure compliance, my interest in regulatory and compliance issues became apparent. The range of issues you deal with and the different stakeholders you work with as part of a role in compliance also attracted me to the career.
What do you do and how has the LCOI qualification helped you in your current
PwC’s Financial Services Regulatory Advisory Services team comprises a multi-disciplinary group with financial services industry experience and knowledge of both prudential and conduct of business regulatory obligations, regulatory processes, risk and compliance frameworks, compliance processes and controls, and governance structures. We work with clients across the insurance, asset management and banking industry to deliver a comprehensive range of professional services including compliance management, governance, responding to regulatory change, risk management, outsourced assurance and internal audit, training and remediation. Achieving the LCOI qualification was an important step in my career progression in compliance and is a significant source of knowledge for my current role. The designation LCOI is well recognised as a key qualification for any individual pursuing a compliance role, providing graduates with a broad and detailed knowledge of compliance and regulatory matters across the financial services industry. 
As a member, what does the ACOI mean to you?
As a member of the ACOI with the LCOI qualification I have established myself as a recognised compliance professional. The ACOI provides its members with regular updates on developments of relevance to compliance professionals across the financial services industry. As the regulatory landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, the ACOI keeps members up to date with the latest issues. The ACOI also provides training courses and industry seminars to support me in my continued professional development and growth in my career in compliance. One of the main benefits of membership for me is being part of an association of fellow compliance professionals providing a forum for networking, sharing experiences and exchanging views on how to handle the issues and challenges we face in embedding compliance best practice.


Jason Palmer 

Jason Palmer

Jason Palmer is currently working as Head of Compliance Risk for AXA life Europe Limited and AXA Reinsurance Ireland Limited. Jason explains his job role and his thoughts on the ACOI.

Why did you pick compliance as a career?
I have been working in the Insurance Industry for 21 years. I started in the policy services area and after undertaking a number of operational roles, I moved into Compliance not long after moving to Ireland. I have always seen the role of Compliance as being a champion of the business. I had always enjoyed the regulatory side of the business and I knew early on that this as something I wanted to do.

What do you do and how has the LCOI qualification helped you in your current role?
The role of Compliance Officer in an IFSC Company involves the building and implementing the compliance strategy and the monitoring and mitigation of risk. Due to the size and nature of our business, this encompasses all areas of the Compliance world, planning, monitoring, consumer protection, anti money laundering and data protection. This is very challenging as we need to not only be aware of the regulatory environment for Ireland but also the countries we operate in. The LCOI qualification provides the grounding on the Irish regulations, legislation and codes and helps to approach and analyse such regulation and assess its impact on business.

As a member, what does the ACOI mean to you?
In the beginning like a lot of our members, I saw the ACOI as my way of getting the relevant qualifications required to work in a Compliance role. Whilst this view has not changed, I now see the ACOI as so much more than just a qualification. There is the ongoing education to help keep my knowledge up to date and of course the valuable networking opportunities to share best practice.

I know you are a member of one of ACOI working group, what is that like?
I really enjoy being involved with a working group. It is great fun and gives me the chance to give something back to the ACOI. As a member of the Membership and Events committee our primary function is to provide members of the ACOI with a forum for discussion on ACOI membership, member events and communications and an outlet to share views on these processes. We also provide additional support to Martin and Caroline at the many member events organised throughout the year including Annual Conference.


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